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Meaningful collaboration is core to how the National Network for Youth prioritizes and develops policy recommendations. Together with our partners, NN4Y educates the public and policymakers about youth homelessness in American and offers commonsense solutions to prevent youth homelessness and increase the housing and services available to youth experiencing homelessness. Collaboratively, NN4Y develops relevant, targeted, and commonsense solutions to the issues identified by our members, Youth Advisors, and Policy Advisory Committee.

NN4Y Membership

National Network for Youth members are our partners. NN4Y represents over 300 community-based service providers through our members and their affiliates. Our members connect NN4Y to the communities and youth they serve and their federal, state and local elected officials. These connections are powerful in identifying issues critical to serving America’s homeless youth and developing relevant and practical policy solutions. Also, as constituents and experts, members’ relationships with elected officials helps NN4Y achieve the education and policy initiatives that they coordinate.

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National Youth Advisory Council (NYAC)

Youth Advisors are experts and they inform NN4Y’s federal policy initiatives. NN4Y created the National Youth Advisory Counsel, comprised of formerly homeless youth, to partner with youth to develop policy recommendations and remove barriers to homeless youth accessing what they need. By virtue of these young survivors’ experiences, their insights and ideas go beyond a typical policy analysis or research project.  NN4Y hopes to expand this council and increase the time and resources we invest in each Youth Advisor.

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Policy Advisory Committee (PAC)

NN4Y’s Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) provides local input and service provider expertise to direct NN4Y’s federal policy advocacy. Through monthly calls and regular group work, this committee assists with generating proactive policy solutions, formal recommendations, and written papers. Together, the PAC stays up-to-date with the latest research relating to youth homelessness. This research, in addition to each PAC member’s on-the-ground expertise, guides and informs their work.

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National Coalition for Homeless Youth (NCHY)

The National Network for Youth, with the True Colors Fund, co-leads the National Coalition for Homeless Youth (NCHY) to facilitate communication and collaboration among the organizations that are working to address youth homelessness, or on issues that intersect with youth homelessness.  NCHY brings together a diverse group of 48 organizations to strengthen our common goals and advance a federal plan and response to youth homelessness.

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National Runaway Prevention Month (NRPM)

November is National Runaway Prevention Month (NRPM) is spearheaded each year by the National Network for Youth (NN4Y) and National Runaway Safeline (NRS). The goals of NRPM are to:

  1. Raise awareness of the runaway and homeless youth crisis and the issues that these young people face
  2. Educate the public about solutions and the role they can play in ending youth homelessness
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Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST)

National Network for Youth (NN4Y) is proud to be a member of the Alliance to End Slavery & Trafficking (ATEST). ATEST is a diverse alliance of U.S.-based human rights organizations acting in unity to end modern-day slavery and human trafficking, both at home and abroad. Humanity United, a foundation dedicated to building peace and advancing human freedom, founded ATEST in 2007 as a pilot project to strengthen U.S. laws and increase federal resources dedicated to anti-trafficking efforts.

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