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Why #ILoveRHYA: Urban Peak in Denver, CO

Every youth that walks through our doors at Urban Peak possesses an intimate and incredible story. Some of our youth may share similarities in these stories, but as each one unfolds in its own personal narrative I am reminded time and time again why I choose to work with runaway and homeless youth. Every week, [...]

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Why #ILoveRHYA: Second Story in Vienna, VA

Second Story, formerly known as Alternative House, first opened its doors to runaway and at-risk teens in 1972 on the grounds of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church. Over the past 45 years, in addition to our teen shelter, we have expanded to include housing and case management for pregnant and parenting young mothers, housing assistance for youth [...]

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Why #ILoveRHYA: YouthWorks in North Dakota

Josh first came into contact with Youthworks through the emergency shelter after successfully completing Job Corps at 17. Josh had had multiple interactions with the child welfare system prior to enrolling in Job Corps due to parent-child conflict and substance usage within the home.   Upon first entering the Basic Center Program, Josh had a goal [...]

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Why #ILoveRHYA: Larkin Street Youth Services in San Francisco, CA

Larkin Street Youth Services has received Basic Center Program funds since 1989 and Street Outreach Program funds since 1996 from the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act (RHYA) grants. Together, these programs support critical engagement services for runaway and homeless youth in San Francisco. These funds ensure that we can connect youth who are on the [...]

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Why #ILoveRHYA: Pathfinders in Milwaukee, WI

Pathfinders began in 1970, serving runaway and homeless street youth that were highly visible on the east side of Milwaukee. Our clients and our organization suffer from romanticized memories of that tumultuous time period, implying our youthful clients merely test their boundaries in search of greater independence. The realities of generations of trauma in our [...]

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Why #ILoveRHYA: Project Oz in Bloomington, IL

Project Oz was established in the community in 1973, and has been the only agency  in McLean County to serve runaway and homeless youth since 1985 with our Basic Center, SOP, TLP, and MGH programs. We are a team of passionate, caring individuals who have served thousands of youth during those years by offering street based [...]

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Why #ILoveRHYA: The Center for Youth Services in Rochester, NY

The Center for Youth Services (The Center) has been providing services to runaway and homeless youth (RHY) and their families in Rochester, NY for over four decades. The Center was started by youth in the early 1970’s; our first Executive Director was 18 years old. The Center established the first Host Home program in New [...]

By Valerie Douglas, Director of Counseling & RHY Services, The Center for Youth Services, Inc., Rochester, NY| 2017-06-22T14:39:23+00:00 June 22, 2017|Blog Post|0 Comments

Why #ILoveRHYA: Youth Services in Tulsa, OK

Imagine you’re standing outside of a high school at the end of the day when the bell rings, and a wave of youth comes streaming out. Their chatter is infectious, upbeat. They are happy their school day is finished and eager to hang out with their friends, go to practice, see their families, or maybe [...]

By David C. Grewe, LCSW, Executive Director, Youth Services, Tulsa, OK | 2017-06-15T13:43:23+00:00 June 14, 2017|Blog Post, Uncategorized|0 Comments

Why #ILoveRHYA: YouthCare in Seattle, WA

For over 40 years, YouthCare has been the leading provider of services for homeless youth and young adults ages 12-24 in Seattle/King County. Established in 1974 as a 3-bed shelter for runaway and homeless youth, YouthCare has since grown to 13 sites serving over 1400 youth every year. YouthCare has led the way—both locally and [...]

By Melinda Giovengo, PhD., CEO, YouthCare in Seattle, WA| 2017-06-09T08:13:51+00:00 June 8, 2017|Blog Post, News|0 Comments