Do1Thing is made up of award-winning photographers, journalists, editors, designers, and writers who have come to together for one mission: To use the power of storytelling to shine an “ongoing” light into the many dark places that affect our most vulnerable children and teens.

How Did Do1Thing Start?

Back in 2005, the Heart Gallery of New Jersey was launched when the founders of Do1Thing donated their talent and experience to shoot 346 portraits of foster children who were eligible to be adopted.

Their charge was to help capture the individuality and unique spirit of each of these children—all of who were deemed “unadoptable.” The photographs were then shared via the web and through gallery exhibits in the hope that potential families would be moved to inquire about adoption.

The results were undeniable.

These revealing portraits told a story that a thousand words couldn’t tell. They touched people. So much so, that by 2007, 150 of those children found permanent homes through adoption as a result of the awareness we created.

Inspired Into Action

Inspired by the success of the Heart Gallery, the co-founders, Najlah Hicks and Pim Van Hemmen, started thinking big:

“What if we use this same approach to shine the light on multiple issues impacting children and teens? Not all at the same time. But one at a time, so each issue gets the attention and awareness it deserves.”

“And what if we partner with organizations that support a particular cause, and then reach out to people and corporations to follow our lead and do one thing to help make a difference?”

The “what ifs” turned into “Why not?” And do1thing was born.